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Abi’s opened in Minneapolis in March of 2015. Cooking has long been a central part of Abi’s Salvadoran family, and Abi was inspired by her grandma, her mother and her Aunt Maria to become an entrepreneur, bringing Central American food to the Twin Cities.


Most of the recipes come from Abi’s grandma and aunt, and are finished with the Abi touch.  All of the food is made from scratch, inspired by the authentic flavors of El Salvador and Mexico. And everything is served with heart, as if you’re family joining at Abi’s kitchen table.


Abi got her start with food watching Grandma, Angelina Baires, cook for Grandpa, Gilberto Baires, in the morning. It was a time to bond, and food was like an expression of love. When Abi was 9, she decided to surprise her Grandma with breakfast. Not realizing how much rice expanded when it cooked, it became a “rice and shine” type of meal, but it inspired Abi to continue learning.


When Abi and her family moved to the United States, her mom was often too busy to cook. The task fell to Abi to keep the tradition of sharing meals alive, and she began cooking every day for her brothers. There were no YouTube videos for Abi to follow, so she became a recipe creator. Still today, Abi is still constantly learning in the kitchen ~ inspired by her cooks, her family, and the community she happily continues to feed.



Abi’s was formed, and continues running today, due to the constant support of family, friends and community. And it’s a mutual affair. Abi gives back to her community with free Thanksgiving meals, and is known as a hub to bring in extra food, clothes and supplies for people who have less.


Many of her customers come for their regular meal, and pay it forward so someone else can enjoy a hot pupusa, too.  It’s this spirit that keeps Abi and her customers feeling like a family.

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